Magic Your Gathering | June 2016

Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) knows that summertime is the best time for get-togethers—whether with family, friends, or corporate events. We invite you to host your next gathering [...]

A better debate | June 2016

Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) knows we are all a bit saturated with the political debates. That’s why we offer a much tastier debate with Blu’ Island catering! With our [...]

The word is out… | June 2016

….and Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) couldn’t be more pleased! Blu’ Island appreciates all your wonderful words on TripAdvisor and beyond. We are the small bistro with the big [...]

Summer Flights of Fancy | Summer 2016

Summer is upon us, and with it comes a craving for the best frosty beers to cool down! Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) is proud to offer a wide selection of local beer and wine selections, [...]

Father’s Day Favorite | June 2016

Father’s Day is right around the corner on June 19th! Make this one extra special by treating Dad to a gourmet feast at Blu’ Island Bistro! Venice, Florida’s own Blu’ [...]